DEO X4 10W30 CI4 SL

DEO X4 10W30 CI4 SL Stable, stay-in-grade oil providing effective
control with respect to piston cleanliness and bore polishing.
It further provides excellent wear control, soot handling and
lubricant stability. It is recommended for highly rated diesel
engines meeting Euro I, Euro II, Euro III, Euro IV, Euro V and
Euro VI emission requirements and running under severe
conditions, e.g. extended oil drain intervals according to the
manufacturer’s recommendations. It is suitable for most
EGR engines and for most engines fitted with SCR NOx
reduction systems. E9 is strongly recommended for engines
fitted with particulate filters and is designed for use in
combination with low sulphur diesel fuel.


Meets and Exceeds:
ACEA E6, E7, E9
MAN M 3477
Deutz DQCIV-10 LA
Volvo VDS-3, CNG



Contents: 1 LITRE, 4 LITRES, 5 LITRES, 20 LITRES, 25 LITRES, 200L Drum