Fubex LASER 15W-40 CG-4/SJ Universal Mineral Engine Oil

The laser 15W 40 CG-4SJ diesel engine oil is a universal mineral engine oil of premium quality. This oil is suitable for turbocharged diesel engines or gasoline engines operating in cold climates.






Protects against wear

Ensures engine cleanliness


The LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ diesel engine oil is typically applicable in fixed diesel engines, public work materials as well as mixed fleets of trucks and cars. The oil can also be used as a hydraulic oil.

API performance Level

ACEA E2/E1 MAN 270
API CG-4/SJ MB 227.0
MIL L-2104 E MB 228.0
MIL L-46152 E ZF TE-ML 03B


Parameters Test Methods Unit Result
Density at 15 ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.872
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ASTM D445 mm²/s 33.4
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 ASTM D445 mm²/s 6.1
Pour Point ASTM D6892 -36
Flash Point ASTM D92 212
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 132
B.N (HClO4 Method) ASTM D2896 mg KOH/g 7.0
Sulfated Ash ASTM D874 Mass % 0.88

The  LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ diesel engine oil is used for lubricating diesel engines and reducing friction in the moving parts. This particular oil also helps protect against wear and ensures engine cleanliness.

Yes indeed, the15W 40 CG4-SJ  Diesel engine oil is also a gasoline engine oil. So it can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

The CG-4 Designation of the LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ diesel engine oil shows us that the oil is tested in parameters such as effective control of high-temperature piston deposits, wear, corrosion, foaming, oxidation stability, and soot accumulation. The SJ specification shows that the oil is suitable for gasoline engines.

There is no universal number as to how often you should change your  LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ Diesel engine oil . It depends solely upon your vehicle type and the load you put on it. Consult your vehicle manual for guidance.

Using the LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ diesel engine oil  indeed effects fuel efficiency positively. The oil reduces friction and minimizes energy losses, thus saving you fuel.

Yes indeed, you can use the  LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ  Diesel engine oil in older engines.

Yes indeed, the LASER 15W 40 CG4-SJ  Diesel engine oil protects against engine sludge, as is shown by its  CG-4 specification.

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