Who We Are

Fubex lubricants started off as a small shop over 16 years ago. With time, destiny and effort, Fubex has grown to be an internationally acknowledged lubricant manufacturer, having second to none manufacturing facilities and a plethora of distribution networks

Good quality and innovation served as the working principles of the company, which now serves the residents of South Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and beyond, with each product, and each drop of oil showing excellence and ingenuity through and through.

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We believe in keeping the trust of our stakeholders.


We are focused on staying up to date with technology.


Moving forward and leading the industry is our motto.


We are focused on keeping our customers satisfied.

Mission Statement

Our Mission, here at Fubex lubricants is to transcend the barrier of time, and to formulate products of such high caliber and quality that will be remembered for generations to come. Fubex possesses the capability to deliver excellence indefinitely, with R&D teams, chemists, industry veterans and many more present in our arsenal.

Future Vision

Fubex is committed to leading the lubricant market in the near future and envisions itself doing so by continually producing good quality products and providing commendable service to our customers, in addition to utilizing opportunities to expand, innovate, grow and collaborate.

Global Presence

Be is South Asia, East Asia or Africa, no region is void of the presence of Fubex as a major lubricant supplier. Every business in these regions knows it well that Fubex lubricants is the name of quality and reliability. Our Products are trusted nationwide in these regions. 

Advanced Facilities

The manufacturing and blending facilities here at Fubex lubricants have no competitor. Our value is added to by exceptional lab testing facilities, with skilled personnel present to maintain quality in every can of lubricant.

Fubex does not intend to stay within its current bounds, rather the company aims to expand and cater for the exponentially rising demand for fubex products in not just South Asia, Central Asia and Africa, but way above and beyond. Fubex intends to achieve this by setting up additional manufacturing facilities and enhancing our research and development to remain the market leader for years to come.

Company History

Altough Fubex started off as a mere shop over 16 years ago, it has never compromised on quality and customer care. These principles have led Fubex to grow over the years and become what it is today, an international lubricant company that rivals the giants.

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