Fubex ENPO TDTO I 40 Transmission/Drive Train Oil

The ENPO TDTO SAE 40 oil, is a Transmission Drive Train Oil, which Is a type of industrial lubricant oil. It is a non detergent engine and gear oil meant for not very heavily loaded gearboxes. This industrial gear oil is used for by-hand lubrication.




Engine Protection

Wear and tear protection

Long engine life.

Minimal brake noise.


The ENPO TDTO machine gear oil is recommended for application in industrial engines and gearboxes. Though this industrial oil is not suitable for heavily loaded gearboxes. This particular machine oil can also be used to lubricate air compressors

API performance Level

API           SA


Parameters Test Methods Unit Result
Density at 15 ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.891
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ASTM D445 mm²/s 140
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 ASTM D445 mm²/s 13.7
Pour Point ASTM D6892 -12
Flash Point ASTM D92 260
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 93

TDTO stands for Transmission Drive Train oil. This term refers to a type of machine oil which is used in transmissions and drive trains, I.e the system that brings powers from the engines to the wheels of a vehicle.

No,  ENPO TDTO is strictly an industrial lubricant oil. It is meant for Industrial engines, gearboxes and heavy machinery. Using it on everyday cars could damage the vehicles.

The ENPO TDTO SAE 40  machine oil protects your engine from wear and tear more than effectively. In addition it offers great corrosion protection and reduced brake noise.

How often one should change their ENPO TDTO Industrial gear oil  depends not only on the oil itself, but on the vehicle and the usage of said vehicle. Make sure to consult the user manual of your vehicle/engine for proper instructions.

No, mixing your ENPO TDTO machine oil is not recommended as mixing different oils may change the properties of the oil altogether and may damage your engine.

 ENPO TDTO industrial lubricant oil should be protected from direct sunlight and stored in a cool and dry place. The oil is easier preserved by keeping it in its original, sealed packaging.

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