Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 is an effective lubricant made with high-quality, environment-friendly ingredients. The lubricant has ISO VG 32 which makes it a versatile vacuum pump oil. It provides consistent lubrication, cooling and sealing in various vacuum pumps.   




Provides adequate lubrication and cooling.
Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
Compatible with various types of pumps.
Environment-friendly formulation.


Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 finds applications in industrial, scientifical and HVAC vacuum pumps. Rotary vane pumps, turbo pumps and diffusion pumps are some of the types of vacuum pumps that benefit from this lubricant. 

API performance Level

ISO 32 ISO 6743/7


Parameters Test Methods Unit Result
Density at 15 ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.882
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 ASTM D445 mm²/s 32.4
Flash Point ASTM D92 214

As the name suggests, Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 is used to lubricate the vacuum pumps. it also provides cooling and sealing to the pump ensuring flawless functioning. Vacuum pump oil is suitable for many types of vacuum pumps including liquid ring pumps, rotary vane and rotary piston pumps.

The oil change interval of Enpo vacuum pump oil depends on operating conditions and the type of pump. Pumps operating in harsh conditions may require more frequent replenishments than the ones working in moderate conditions. Refer to the OEMs guidelines for specific oil change interval.

Enpo vacuum pump oil has a viscosity of 32 centistokes at 40C. This is consistent with ISO viscosity grade 32. It indicates that this pump oil is a medium weight oil which is useful in various vacuum pumps.

Pumps operating at very high temperatures might require a specialized vacuum pump oil, that can withstand extremely high temperature. Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 provides effective lubrication at moderate temperature conditions.

Yes indeed, Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 is suitable for use in rotary vane vacuum pumps. It provides lubrication, sealing and cooling to the pump and ensures efficient functioning. Vacuum pump oil 32 helps to prevent internal leakage in the pump by making a thin lubricating film around the vanes and the pump chamber. 

As compared to other oils, the Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 provides better lubrication and sealing. This lubricant is compatible with most pumps and has a long shelf life.

It is not recommended to mix the Enpo vacuum pump oil 32 with other oils. In general, two oils should never be mixed together unless it is specified by the OEM.
Lubricants are made using carefully calculated proportions of base oils and additives, mixing 2 different lubricants will alter the properties of both oils and produce unexpected results.

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