Fubex Spring 2T TC JASO FC Motorcycle Engine Oil

The SPRING JASO FC 2T TC is a semi synthetic motorcycle engine oil. The Mineral based lubricant works best with two stroke, air cooled engines. This motorbike oil ensures maximum lubricity for your engine.






Minimal Ash Formation

Reduced Throttle Sticking

Protects against wear


The SPRING JASO FC 2T TC motorcycle oil, being a two stroke oil, can be used in many motorcycle and scooter engines where a two stroke oil is required. This motorcycle oil type works effectively well with air cooled engines.

API performance Level

API          TC                                                JASO        FC


Parameter Test Method Unit Result
Density at 15 ASTM D-1298 Kg/L 0.885
Viscosity at 40 ASTM D-445 cSt 57.1
Viscosity  at 100 ASTM D-445 cSt 9.46
Sulphated Ash ASTM D-874 % wt 0.12
Pour Point ASTM D-97 -57
Flash Point ASTM D-93 94
Nitrogen ASTM D-3228 % wt 0.06
Calcium ASTM D-4927 % wt 0.11


The LX 900 motorcycle engine oil is a Mineral based, semi synthetic motorcycle engine oil, specifically formulated for two stroke engines. The oil works best with two stroke air cooled engines and boasts low ash production and excellent lubricity.

It is important to know which motorbike oil is best for your engine type. Different engine types demand different parameters such as viscosity and density of the oil. Use of the wrong bike engine oil may damage your engine. Therefore it is important to use the lubricant specialized for your engine type.

No, The SPRING JASO FC 2T TC is suitable only for Two Stroke engines, preferably those which are air cooled

The SPRING JASO FC 2T TC has a viscosity rating of 57.1 cSt and 9.46 cSt at 40 and 100 respectively.

In typical 2 stroke Engines, the bike engine oil is mixed with fuel and gets consumed along with it, therefore there aren’t many ‘regular oil changes’ like in the case of 4 stroke engines

Yes, if your scooter has a 2 stroke, air cooled engine, than you can use the SPRING JASO FC 2T TC on it.

Yes, the SPRING JASO FC 2T TC Protects the engine from wear and tear effectively and produces minimal ash.

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